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Fourth Shake Shack Opens in Bundang 등록일2017-05-05 조회358

Fourth Shake Shack Opens in Bundang


SPC Group announced on May 5 it would open “Shake Shack Bundang,” Korea’s fourth Shake Shack store, at AK Plaza in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang, Gyeonggi Province. Shake Shack is premium burger brand.

AK Plaza is a major shopping center and meeting place in the southern part of the Seoul metropolitan area. Shake Shack Bundang has 114 seats laid out on a 274-square-meter floor. It is the first Shake Shack outside of Seoul.


A folding door was installed on the façade to give customers an easy access to the store. Lush green plants were interspersed with seats to give the feeling of “a resting place in a square.” Charcoal and royal blue finishing materials add to the luxurious ambience.

Shake Shack Bundang sells three dessert menus no other stores offer, which are Crunch Star, Shacky Road and Shack in the Garden, as well as its signature menus such as Shack Burger, Shack Stack, Smoke Shack and 'Shroom Burger.

Tumblers and fans imprinted with Shake Shack and AK Plaza logos will be provided to 150 customers on a first-come-first-served basis each day for three days as gifts to celebrate the opening of the store.

More details are available at the official website (www.shakshack.kr) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/shakeshackkorea), Instagram (@shakeshackkr), YouTube (ShakeShack Korea) and Twitter (@ShakeShackKR).

“On the back of the popularity of our stores in major business districts in Seoul, we ventured out the capital,” a Shake Shack official said. “We will open stores in other regions so that more customers can experience Shake Shack.”

Shake Shack is a premium burger brand launched in New York City in 2001 and currently operates stores in 13 countries, including the UK, Japan and the UAE. SPC Group has an exclusive licensing deal to operate stores in Korea. Korea’s first Shake Shack, which was opened in Gangnam, Seoul, has recorded the highest sales among Shake Shacks all over the world.