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Paris Baguette opens new stores at Singapore Changi Airport 등록일2017-11-01 조회775

Paris Baguette opens new stores at Singapore Changi Airport

- Three new stores open after four years of successful operation of existing stores

-New stores to specialize in snacking menu

-Steady increase in number of overseas stores to create jobs


(2017-11-01) SPC Group announced on November 1 that it has opened three more Paris Baguette stores at Changi International Airport in Singapore.


Paris Baguette has been highly regarded by users and staff members of the airport in light of the taste and quality of its products, service satisfaction and food safety for about four years since it opened its first bakery at the location in February 2014. This helped the company open three more stores at the new Terminal 4.


“Our successful opening of three new stores at Changi Airport would not have been possible without satisfying the airport’s strict standards and various tastes of travellers from all over the world while competing with global brands,” an SPC Group official said.


Changi Airport is one of Asia’s busiest hub airports which serves about 52 million passengers annually. It houses stores of global food and beverage brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and TWG Tea Boutique.


The new bakeries are located in both landside (departure area) and airside (duty-free area) of Terminal 4. The new stores will target busy passengers by focusing on marketing sandwiches, convenience foods, coffee and other beverages.


Changi International Airport Terminal 4 is 225,000 square meters or as large as 27 football fields, and can accommodate 16 million users annually. In light of its capacity, the new stores are expected to benefit from promotion.


“We will utilise our three new stores at Changi Airport to introduce our brand to more customers and expand our presence in the global market,” the spokesperson added. “We will also contribute to overseas job creation for young Koreans by increasing the number of our stores abroad steadily.”


Meanwhile, Paris Baguette opened the first Korean bakery in Singapore in 2012, and has since opened six more stores in the country. Singapore-based affiliates of SPC Group posted 14.4 billion won in sales last year, up about 12 percent from the previous year. SPC Group plans to open 12,000 Paris Baguette stores around the world by 2030, including 2,000 stores in the US and China.