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  • Sangmidang Spirit
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  • CEO's Greetings
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Global SPC

  • The SPC Group is establishing a firm root in China as a premium bakery company. Since launching the first Paris Baguette outlet in Shanghai in 2004, SPC has opened over 230 locations in such major cities as Beijing, Nanjing, and Dalian.
  • The successful entry to China is attributable to our localization strategy. Paris Baguette began sending employees to China in the mid ‘90s to analyze the appetite and dietary culture of the Chinese. The findings led to the development of Rousong (“meat wool”) Bun and other unique offerings for Chinese patrons.
  • Diverse social contribution programs, such as the “Cake Academy of Love” initiated in 2005, a baking course for disadvantaged youths, and the sponsoring of a local orphanage, were factors which determined success. SPC's presence in China will increase in the coming years and will eventually become the country’s favorite bakery brand.
Southeast Asia
  • SPC’s drive for a global presence is most evident in Southeast Asia. Paris Baguette opened the first Southeast Asian location in Ho Chi Minh in 2012, announcing the arrival of an advanced bakery culture. Since then, Paris Baguette has secured a series of other successful locations in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.
  • Again, the rigorous research of the local appetite enabled Paris Baguette to gain traction in Vietnam where people enjoy eating out and appreciate the modern bakery and café culture. Well-received localized menus like Bahn Mi Baguette Sandwich as well as the upscale store interior and atmosphere contributed to Paris Baguette’s popularity.
  • SPC entered Singapore in 2012 and opened the second location in 2013, laying the foundation to compete shoulder to shoulder with world-leading bakery café brands operating in Singapore. SPC will continue to expand its presence into India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  • SPC is embracing new opportunities in the US, the biggest bakery market in the world. Beginning with the LA outlet in 2005, SPC has opened over 65 Paris Baguette stores until 2013 in major US cities including San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia
  • Paris Baguette mesmerized Americans with its sophisticated store interior, unique self-service system, and fabulous variety of bakery products that are complemented by our café beverages. Pastries and decorated cakes are especially popular. Americans also like the convenient full-line F&B offering of breads, sandwiches, cake, and beverages in one location.
  • SPC’s achievements in the US market were made possible by our exhaustive analyses of the local market and F&B trends. Our experiential marketing campaigns such as the cake and sandwich making classes for customers also brought SPC closer to the local clientele. While steadily increasing outlets in the US, SPC will open stores in Canada to reinforce our presence in North America.