Ethics Charter - SPC


We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

All SPC employees have contributed to the creation of today’s national food culture with all their strength
and creative challenging spirit through the founding spirit of ‘contributing to a good life for the public’.
In the rapidly changing global competitive market of the 21st century, we have been given a heavy responsibility
to innovate management and technology and achieve transparent corporate management in order to become
a top-notch food company preferred by customers based on honesty and credibility. Accordingly,
we provide the following ethics charter and solemnly pledge to abide by and practice it.

  • 1

    We fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our customers and shareholders.

  • 2

    We establish a fair trade order between companies.

  • 3

    We ensure transparency in our work and establish transparent management.

  • 4

    We comply with relevant laws to achieve compliance management.

  • 5

    We contribute to the development of the country and community.

  • 6

    We pursue eco-friendly management.

  • 7

    We will be reborn as a company trusted by the people by observing the Charter of Ethics.