History - SPC


We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

SPC Happy Foundation


  • Mar. 2019‘SPC Happy Share Campaign’ launches ‘Sweet Companionship’ as a Happy Point app.
    Launches ‘I Want to be a Patissier’ scholarship.
  • May 2019‘spc.happyphoto’ launches as the official instagram.
    ‘Happy Turtle’ certified as a social company.
  • Oct. 2019Honored with a commendation from the President of Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association at 2019 Sharing National Awards.
    Honored with a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare at 2019 Asia Pacific Food Bank Conference.
  • Mar. 2020SPC provides goods to Daegu and Gyeongsang North Province during the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • Dec. 20188th store of Happy Bakery & Café (at Incheon Int’l Airport).
  • Dec. 2018‘I Want to Be a Patissier’ project reorganized for expansion (to subsidize the baking training expenses for participating organizations).
    SPC와 함께 하는 제 7회 내 꿈은 파티시에 대회
  • May 2018“Happy Turtle” established as a company (as a social venture hiring the disabled).


  • Jun. 2017Honored with a commendation from Seocho-gu Mayor for volunteers’ contributions.
  • Jul. 2017Happy Point project launches for undernourished children.
  • Dec. 2017“SPC Happy Share Campaign” launches as an online social contribution with customer participation.
    SPC Happy Share 캠페인 한부모가정 의료비 지원


  • May 20166th Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Purme Foundation Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital).
  • Jun. 2016Develops 5 new Korean wheat products with and transfers the technology to a Seoul City confectionery and bakery facility that employs the disabled.
  • Aug. 20167th Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Office of Seocho-gu, Seoul).
  • Oct. 2016‘Happy Smile SPC” launches as a social contribution brand.
  • Dec. 2016SPC Happy Bread Sharing Truck Exceeds 1 million delivered products.


  • Oct. 2015CSR activities marking the 70th anniversary of the Group’s foundation.
  • Dec. 2015MOU for technical support for Seoul City’s confectionery and bakery facility council for the disabled.


  • Apr. 20145th Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Seoul Library).
  • May 2014SPC Happy Bread Sharing Truck 3 goes into operation.


  • Feb. 2013SPC Happy Bread Sharing Truck 2 goes into operation.
  • Apr. 2013Donates assistive devices for disabled children to Purme Foundation.
  • May 20132nd Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Seoul Human Resource Development Center).Happy Family Travel launches (with Jeju Island travel for the families of disabled children).
  • Oct. 20133rd Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at King Onjo the Great Culture & Sports Center).
  • Dec. 20134th Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Seoul Eunpyeong Hospital).


  • Feb. 2012The 1st SPC Happy Scholarship Awarding Ceremony.
  • Apr. 2012SPC & Soul Happy Bakery Class opens (Bakery Class for the Disabled).
  • May 2012SPC Happy Fund starts providing sponsorships (with donations from the employees’ salaries).The 1st “I Want to Be a Patissier’ Contest.
  • Jun. 2012Job training in confectionary & bakery for youths starts.
  • Jul. 2012SPC Happy Birthday Party starts.
  • Sep. 20121st Happy Bakery & Café store opens (at Purme on Jongno).
  • Oct. 2012SPC Happy Bread Sharing Truck 1 goes into operation.


  • Dec. 2011SPC Happy Foundation established.