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Growth and Leap

SPC Group started in 1945 in Ongjin, Hwanghae-do, as a small bakery called “Sangmidang”.
In the 1960s, the company laid the foundation for food industrialization in South Korea through
its first automation of bread manufacturing and its first release of plastic-wrapped cream bun.
Paris Baguette and Baskin Robbins, introduced in 1980, opened a new chapter in the South Korean franchise industry.

  • Oct. 1945 Sangmidang (SPC Group) established.
  • 1964. Automates bread making and launches Korea’s first plastic-packed cream bread.
  • Oct. 1971 Launches Samlip Hopang.MORE VIEW
  • Jun. 1968 Changes the company name to Samlip Food Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Aug. 1972 Korea International Food Co., Ltd. established.
  • Oct. 1977 Changes the company name from Korea International Food Co., Ltd. to Shany.
  • Oct. 1983 Shany creates the industry’s first food technology research center.
  • Apr. 1985 Technical cooperation with Baskin Robbins, USA.
  • Jun. 1985 B-R Korea Co., Ltd. established.MORE VIEW
  • Oct. 1986 Paris Croissant Co., Ltd. established.
  • Jun. 1988 BR Korea launches Baskin Robbins Gubanpo store as the first franchisee.
  • Jun. 1988 Paris Croissant launches the 1st Paris Baguette store in Gwanghwamun.MORE VIEW
  • Apr. 1992 Paris Croissant opens the Korean-French Pastry & Bakery Academy (currently SPC Culinary Academy).
  • Oct. 1993 Technical partnership with B-R Korea and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Jan. 1994 Taein and Shany Group launched.
  • Dec. 1998 B-R Korea opens the Myeongdong store of Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Jun. 2000 Chairman Hur Young-in received the Order of Civil Merit Seongnyu Medal (for contribution to Food Bank).
  • Jul. 2000 Happy Point Card launched.
  • Nov. 2002 Acquisition of Samlip Food finalized.
  • Aug. 2003 Founder and Honorary Chairman Hur Chang-sung dies.

Oct. 1971 Launches Samlip Hopang.

Hopang is the No. 1 winter bread in Korea designed to overcome the
company’s sluggish winter sales, and it was also a product that carried
the spirit of symbiotic business management committed to generating
profits for sales agencies. Hopang was initially released for domestic
consumers. In 1972, it became more popular when the company supplied
steamers so that they could be steamed at stores. It is a classic product
loved by consumers to this day.

Jun. 1985 B-R Korea Co., Ltd. established.

Shany established BR Korea in June 1985 through a joint investment
with the world premium ice cream company ‘Baskin Robins’ of the U.S.
At that time, no premium ice cream market was formed in Korea,
but due to 86 Asian Game and 88 Seoul Olympic Game,
we expected the diversification in the food service industry and
predicted the growth potential of premium ice cream to dominate the market.

Jun. 1988 Paris Croissant launches the 1st Paris Baguette store in Gwanghwamun.

Paris Baguette was first unveiled in Gwanghwamun in June 1988 by
incorporating luxurious French-style images of croissants and baguettes
into its products and interiors. Introducing the first in-store “bake-off”
method in Korea, the bakery enabled customers to meet freshly baked
bread at the store. As it became a franchise, the bakery quickly began to
increase the number of its stores.