SPC Research Institute
of Food and Bio Technology

From basic research in food to continuous development of new products,
we are dedicated to creating a new food culture as the first mover in the food industry.

SPC Research Institute of Food and Bio Technology

In 2005, when it focused on its global outreach, SPC researched systematic science and technology and applied
it for quality and to develop affiliates’ products with the aim of surviving in the fiercely competitive landscape,
SPC Research Institute of Food and Bio Technology was established. SPC Research Institute of Food and
Bio Technology is dedicated to research efforts to contribute to the achievement of the group vision of
“a great food company” through developing excellent fermentation microorganisms
and researching natural materials with the best research personnel and state-of-the-art facilities in Korea.

In November 2009, SPC Agricultural Life Science
Research Center opened at Seoul National University.
Through active industry-university cooperation and convergent
research, we are gaining global competitiveness in research.
In 2011, it was designated as a consigned quality inspection agency
by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and
obtained reliability as an authorized testing agency.
In April 2016, we successfully developed and commercialized pure native
yeast suitable for bread-making after analyzing tens of thousands of native
microorganisms for 11 years, and set a new standard for the South Korean
fermented food industry that previously nhad only a few unique
fermentation microorganisms.
In October 2019, we developed “Sangmi strain”, a second-generation
fermented sourdough that mixes native yeast and four native lactic acid bacteria,
launching signature bread’ with excellent taste and nutrition.

SPC Research Institute of Food and Bio Technology seeks to break away
from the food manufacturing technology that relies on past experiences and raw materials
with the aim of establishing itself as the center of basic research for the food industry
based on innovative technologies suitable for globalization.
We are thus striving to develop foods that are more
beneficial to health and delicious (with taste, aroma, and texture) by utilizing
the bio-processing technology (in fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, and process engineering).