HR System - SPC


SPC Group works to arouse the passion of its members and provide opportunities for greater growth.

People We Want

We are seeking SPC-style people who practice the SPC Way with field-oriented execution and expertise.
The SPC-style people will grow in the global No. 1 ‘Great Food Company’ that SPC Group aims for.

Talent Nurturing Strategy

We are supporting diverse-ranging education programs in different fields to nurture leaders and field experts who will drive our global growth.


In order to develop essential competencies of employees and nurture key next-generation professionals, we operate mandatory courses, core talent training courses, and new leader training courses for different ranks.



We are operating the Global Talent Pool language course, global leader language course, and overseas expatriate training course to foster professionals with global competencies.


Core Jobs

We are operating production and engineering leader training courses and marketing and R&D forums to nurture top-level experts for each core job.


Core Values

Following the SPC Way, we operate an onboarding program for new executives to help them practice our management philosophy and core values, an introductory course for new/experienced employees, and core value education .


Human Resources Management System

Evaluation/reward system

Remember that Success of the Reward of Toil.

We have established a performance management process that links our business strategy with
individual employees’ work and growth goals.

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Performance evaluation

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Competency evaluation

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Comprehensive evaluation

In line with strategic goals of our business, the performance of each job and role and the basic competencies of individual members undergo comprehensive evaluation. Through goal setting and evaluation, and feedback on performance, we have established a system that enables the company and individuals to grow together.

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Basic annual salary

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Individual incentives

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Organizational incentives

Compensation is based on the evaluation data and comprises basic annual salary, individual incentives, and organizational incentives. In addition to the basic annual salary, performance-based compensation is paid differently according to individual or organizational performance.

※The salaries for production line workers operates in step compensation, which varies with different subsidiaries.

Employee Benefits

We provide various employee benefits to support the health and happiness of our employees and their work and life balance.

System for Work & Life Balance

  • Establishing a culture of arriving to and leaving work on time with the PC-off system
  • In-house competition for career development of individual employees
  • Autonomous work environment through staggered shifts (flexible work system)
  • Various in-house/external education for personal growth
  • Operation of cafeteria and various SPC brand stores in the office building
  • In-house grievance counseling committee members available for a happy workplace

Support for the health and happiness of employees

  • Employee discounts available when using SPC Group’s own brand stores
  • Operation of an employee-only mall and provision of benefit points
  • In addition to annual leave, regular leaves and vacation allowance are granted
  • Regular health checkups/group injury insurance provided for a healthy life
  • Financial support for children’s education (kindergarten/high school/university students)
  • Subsidies for various occasions that deserve congratulations and condolences (with money, leaves, goods, etc.)
  • Discounts from recreational facilities at major tourist destinations nationwide
  • Social values fulfilled through the operation of SPC Happy Volunteer Group

※ Specific employee benefits may vary with our subsidiaries.