SPC Group will continue to bask in love from people around the world by pursuing health and happiness.


SPC Group’s dream of making the world happy with the most delicious and healthy bread began in Sangmidang, a small bakery opened in Ongjin, Hwanghae-do in 1945 by Hur Chang-sung with the penname of Chodang, the founder and Honorary Chairman of SPC Co., Ltd. The spirit of Sangmidang, which regards baking as its calling and never neglects a single bread to make the best bread, continues to this day after 75 years.

Even if millions of loaves of bread are made consistently
for 70 years, customers evaluate us by one single loaf.

Our precious dream to make the world happy with the most delicious and healthy bread.
The insistence of the artisan’s not to neglect even a single bread for the best bread.
This is the spirit of Sangmidang that has been passed down for 70 years.

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    Even if millions of loaves of bread are made, customers evaluate us by one single loaf.

    Sangmidang spirit committed to quality and customers

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    If you share bread, it becomes a meal, but if you share the skill of making it, it becomes a dream.

    Sangmidang spirit committed to symbiosis and sharing

The spirit 70 years ago has continued to this day,
and the company has grown and the market has expanded,

SPC people, giving them the power to put their passion and sincerity into each product.
SPC Group will always pursue the dream of creating a happy world around the world
without losing its original intention.

Management Philosophy

We make the world happy
with the best quality, customer focus,
and creative initiatives.

The management philosophy is the CEO’s belief and
the reason for our group’s existence.
SPC Group will always support customers’ happiness with
its delicious and healthy products based on
its creative challenging spirit.



The vision of SPC Group is to become a global
comprehensive food company that is respected
by people around the world and has sustainable
growth competitiveness.

Core Values

When the core values ​​are kept and practiced, a happy world
that SPC Group adds will unfold.

The core values of SPC Group are the credos that constitute the SPC culture
and the success DNA that have enabled us to grow into the best company.


We stick to the basics and act right.


We pursue change and
take initiatives passionately.


We respect diversity and
cooperate organically.