Integrity Management - SPC


We contribute to the national interest and people’s welfare through happy sharing.

SPC will become a Great Food Company that leads the food culture by fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through integrity management that complies with laws and ethics.

In order to survive and grow continuously in a difficult business environment, a company must needs pursue the values of customer trust, a good corporate image, and competitive advantage in the market and endeavor to realize a bright and happy society.

Accordingly, we intend to spread and apply the will of integrity management to comply with laws and ethics throughout the company by raising the ethical awareness of the entire company and its members. Based on SPC’s management philosophy that builds on its commitment to public interest and contribution to a good life for the nation, the ‘Ethics Charter’ and ‘Code of Ethics’ were declared, and the ‘Ethical Rules’ was established as a standard of conduct.

All employees will comply with this, maintain transparency and fairness in business activities, and furthermore, we will realize integrity management for the happiness of customers and employees and business partners.

Organizational Structure / Job Descriptions

Ethical Management Committee

CEO and Head of Integrity Management Office of each company,

  • The highest decision-making body for Integrity Management
  • Approval of a comprehensive Integrity Management business plan
  • Resolving to create or revise Ethics Charter, Code of Ethics, and Ethical Rules
  • Supervision of overall Integrity management operations

Ethics Management Secretariat

Integrity Management Office

  • Establishment of overall Integrity Management business plan
  • 제Receipt and investigation of reported cases and reporting and notification of results
  • Monitoring violations of the Code of Ethics and implementing countermeasures
  • Implementation of internal and external related projects
  • Integrity Management promotion and its linkage to education programs (presenting exemplary cases/violations))

Ethical Management Practice Management Team

Integrity Management Team in each company

  • Specific implementation of in-house actions
  • Violations of the internal ethics regulations and their notification (to Ethical Management Office)
  • Execution of independent Integrity Management practice activities by different subsidiaries
  • Execution of actions by different subsidiaries when developing group-wide projects