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    SPC Samlip is a company that carries the history and tradition of SPC Group, which started as Sangmidang in 1945. By introducing numerous hit products that are familiar to everyone, the company has led the development of the South Korean bakery industry

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    Paris Croissant

    Paris Croissant, established in 1986, has been leading the change and development of the South Korean bakery industry by introducing a differentiated European-style bakery culture. In 1988, Paris Baguette, a franchise brand, was launched and has developed

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    BR Korea

    BR Korea was established in 1985 as a joint venture between SPC Group and Dunkin' Brands Inc., the world-class food group. In the first year following its establishment, the company launched the premium ice cream brand Baskin Robbins and pioneered the pre

Raw material

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    Founded in 2004, SPL operates one of the largest bakery

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    SPC PACK, an eco-friendly packaging company, has been producing and supplying various packaging papers and functional films since its establishment in 1970.


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    Secta9ine is a company specializing in ‘smart life technology’ that oversees SPC Group’s IT services and digital marketing.


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    SPC GFS is a food material distribution company established in July 2014 through physical division from SPC Samlip. We provide high-quality food materials with guaranteed hygiene and safety at reasonable prices for restaurants and group meals. By tapping

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    Tiger International

    Tiger International is a wine importer affiliated with SPC Group, established in 1990, and imports a variety of wines focusing on the jewel-like European brands.