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Innovation & Initiative

SPC Group has grown through constant innovation and new initiatives.
Paris Baguette, Baskin Robbins, and Dunkin’ Donuts are ranked first in
the industry through their innovative franchise system, and SPC Samlip
made a strong leap toward a general food company. Especially in the
first decade of the new millennium, they gained the confidence to
compete in the global market by successfully advancing into China, the
United States, and Vietnam.

  • Jan. 2004 SPC Group launches.MORE VIEW
  • Jun. 2004 SPC (Shanghai) plant completed.
  • Sep. 2004 SPC (Shanghai) opens first Paris Baguette store in China (Gubei Store).MORE VIEW
  • Nov. 2004 SPL (Paris Baguette Pyeongtaek Plant) goes into operation.
  • Oct. 2005 PB USA opens as the 1st Paris Baguette store.
  • Dec. 2005 Food Research Institute (currently SPC Food Biotechnology Research Institute) established.
  • Feb. 2006 Samlip Food opens the first (Daechi) store of Bizeun, a rice cake brand.
  • Feb. 2006 Paris Baguette selects the store in Gubei in Shanghai as a ‘prestigious store’ in China.
  • Jun. 2007 Participates in Incheon Airport concession business.
  • Jul. 2007 Hannam-dong office building completed and Passion 5 opened.
  • Jul. 2008 Acquires Mildawon, a company that specializes in Korean wheat.
  • Sep. 2008 The Korean wheat purchase agreement goes into high gear.
  • Jan. 2009 Dunkin’ Donuts Anyang CML (Central Manufacturing Location) completed.
  • Apr. 2009 Dunkin’ Donuts coffee roasting plant built in Eumseong.
  • May 2009 Samlip Food sells over 1.5 billion loaves of cream bread.
    Jun. 2009 B-R Korea starts overseas sales of Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes.
  • Sep. 2009 Paris Baguette’s new business identity proclamation.
  • Nov. 2009 Research Building, College of Agricultural and Life Science, Seoul National University completed.
  • Dec. 2009 Over KRW 2 trillion achieved in sales in 2009.
  • Mar. 2010 Samlip Food enters the expressway service area business.
  • Apr. 2010 Dunkin’ Donuts becomes the first South Korean exporter of roasted coffee beans.
  • Oct. 2010 Samlip Food moves to its new office building in Daebang-dong.
  • Dec. 2010 Chairman Hur Young-in receives Ordre National du Merité l’Officier from the French government.
  • Dec. 2010 Paris Croissant selected as an excellent job creation company.
  • Jan. 2011 Jamba Juice launched.
  • Mar. 2011 Food Science College matriculation ceremony.
  • Sep. 2011 Paris Croissant creates S Dairy Foods, a dairy processing company.
  • Dec. 2011 SPC Happy Foundation created.
  • Jan. 2012 SPC Happy Volunteer Corps inauguration ceremony.
  • Jan. 2012 Paris Croissant selected as one of the top 100 job creation companies for two consecutive years.
  • Mar. 2012 World’s 100th store opened (launching Paris Baguette business in Vietnam).MORE VIEW
  • May 2012 Chairman Hur Young-in receives Agricultural Service Merit (Mérite Agricole Chevalier) from the French Government.
  • Jun. 2012 Happy Point Card 2.0 released.
  • Aug. 2012 100 Paris Baguette stores in China as the first such instance for the South Korean bakery business.
  • Sep. 2012 Paris Baguette is the first Korean bakery to enter Singapore.
  • Nov. 2012 Moves to the company office in Yangjae.
  • Jan. 2013 New corporate identity declaration ceremony.
  • Jun. 2013 Declaration of the group’s new corporate identity.
  • Jan. 2013 Hanbul Confectionery Academy renamed as ‘SPC Culinary Academy’.
  • Apr. 2013 Vera’ launched as a Neapolitan-style pizza brand.
  • Jun. 2013 Samlip Food acquires Glücks Schwein.
  • Sep. 2013 SPC Cloud launched.
  • Oct. 2013 Samlip Food announces its 2020 vision and unveils new CI.
  • Nov. 2013 Chairman Hur Young-in honored with CEO Grand Prize from Inspiring Insight in Business Society.

Jan. 2004 SPC Group launches.

SPC Group is a name that shows history. As components of the name,
‘S’ refers to Samlip and Shany, which served as the cradle of the business
creation, and ‘P’ refers to Paris Croissant, who firmly kept the position of
No. 1 domestic bakery brand, while ‘C’ refers to other companies as
the group’s new family in the future, including B-R Korea. Transforming into
a general food company, the group carefully took its first step into the
global market, reaching beyond the No. 1 in the South Korean industry.

2004.09 SPC (Shanghai) opens first Paris Baguette store in China (Gubei Store).

Paris Baguette’s first store in China, which opened
on September 10, 2004 in Gubei, Shanghai, adopted a high-tech
interior code called “Bakery Café,”which combined a café with a regular bakery.
The store reproduced the bread products sold in Korea as they were,
and at the same time bet on a game with services and systems
that could not be found in the homegrownChinese bakeries.
It was the first time that a South Korean company entered
the Chinese bakery market directly in the form of an independent investment.

2012.03 World’s 100th store opened (launching Paris Baguette business in Vietnam).

In March 2012, SPC Group opened the Paris Baguette store in Vietnam
and Cao Tang in Ho Chi Minh City as the world’s 100th store.
Paris Baguette was the first South Korean bakery
business to launch 100 stores worldwide.
It was a feat that the company achieved 10 years after it
formed a task force for overseas expansion in 2002.
As a secret to success in the global market, SPC Group chose “upscale”
targeting the upper-middle class, and “high quality” focusing on bake-off
system that sells fresh products by baking bread in stores.